Instructions: Obtaining Total Compute software deliverables

  • To build the TC2 software stack please refer to user-guide

  • For the list of changes and features added please refer to change-log

  • For further details on the latest release and features please refer to release_notes

TC Software Stack Overview

The TC2 software consists of firmware, kernel and file system components that can run on the associated FVP. Following are the Software components:

  1. SCP firmware – System initialization, Clock and Power control

  2. RSS firmware – Hardware Root of Trust

  3. AP firmware – Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A)

  4. Secure Partition Manager - Hafnium

  5. Secure Partitions

    • OP-TEE Trusted OS in Buildroot

    • Trusted Services in Buildroot

    • Trusty Trusted OS in Android

  6. U-Boot – loads and verifies the fitImage for buildroot boot, containing kernel and filesystem or boot Image for Android Verified Boot, containing kernel and ramdisk.

  7. Kernel – supports the following hardware features

    • Message Handling Unit

    • PAC/MTE/BTI features

  8. Android

    • Supports PAC/MTE/BTI features

  9. Buildroot

Total Compute Platform Software Components