Change Log

This document contains a summary of the new features, changes and fixes in each release of TC2 software stack.

Version 2023.04.21

Features added

  • Added support for EAS

  • Added support for MPAM

  • Added support for Mali TTIx GPU

  • Added support for Android Hardware Rendering


  • Updated to Android 13

  • GPU and DPU are using S1 translation with SMMU-600

Version 2022.12.07

Features added

  • Added support for MTE3/EPAN

  • Added support for Firmware Update

  • Enabled VHE support in Hafnium to support S-EL0 partitions

  • Enabled S2 translation for GPU and DPU using SMMU-700

  • Enabled protected nVHE support for pKVM hypervisor

Version 2022.08.12

Features added

  • Hardware Root of Trust

  • Updated Android to AOSP master

  • Microdroid based pVM support in Android

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