Instructions: Obtaining Total Compute software deliverables

TC Software Stack Overview

The TC2 software consists of firmware, kernel and file system components that can run on the associated FVP.

Following is presented the high-level list of the software components:
  1. SCP firmware – responsible for system initialization, clock and power control;

  2. RSS firmware – provides Hardware Root of Trust;

  3. AP firmware – Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A);

  4. Secure Partition Manager - Hafnium;

  5. Secure Partitions:

    • OP-TEE Trusted OS in Buildroot;

    • Trusted Services in Buildroot;

    • Trusty Trusted OS in Android;

  6. U-Boot – loads and verifies the fitImage for buildroot boot, containing kernel and filesystem or boot Image for Android Verified Boot, containing kernel and ramdisk;

  7. Kernel – supports the following hardware features:

    • Message Handling Unit;

    • PAC/MTE/BTI features;

  8. Android;

    • Supports PAC/MTE/BTI features;

  9. Buildroot;

  10. Debian;

  11. TensorFlow Lite Machine Learning;

For more information on each of the stack components, please refer to the Total Compute Platform Software Components section.

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